Terms & Conditions

Commercial Products:

  1. Frame Tent equipments are commercial in nature.  We sell tents primarily for commercial use. 
  2. Most setup require additional equipments, permits, and professional knowledge to install
  3. Once tents are purchased, it is done without express warrantee except for manufacturer defects.  
  4. Tents once setup and install, can not be returned.
  5. Tents has limitations such as windloads, strength, snowload, and other environments factors.  Purchaser understand that it is their responsibilities to understand local requirement before purchase.
  6. Tents need to be maintain after setup.  There are different guidelines to maintain the tents.  If in doubt, local rental companies and dealers can help in determining factors such as soil test load, permitted use, and so on.
  7. We can not provide engineered drawing and calculations.

Order Processing

  1. We will try our best to process your order and ship them on time. However, there are no guarantee on exact shipping and arriving time.

Terms :

  1. Standard terms are Prepay. Credit card payment is preferred. All credit card orders require advance payment. If credit card payments are not made in advance, 3% charge will be added.
  2. If the shipment is COD, the COD fee will be added to the freight bill. Cash or cashier’s check is needed.
  3. Term with approved credit information on file will be qualify for net 30 days where applicable. If payments is not made within 60 days, we reserve the right to recall and convert applicable discounts to full published prices. A late charge will be accrued on delinquent accounts that is more than 30 days. The minimum late charge interest rate is 1.5% per month.
  4. In the event that the account is overdue and delinquent. Customer is responsible for any fee associated to collect the monies dues. This include but not limited to attorney fees, collections fees, travel, court cost, etc.
  5. All merchandise sold are to remain properties of Central Tent until it is paid in full. We reserve the right to claim it back at any time.

Taxes :

  1. All merchandise prices does not include sales and use tax. We will add sales tax to the companies that reside in the municipality that request them. This include some outside of the state of California. All California resident sales tax will be at the Los Angeles county rate even though your tax rate is different where your company reside. Sales and use tax are exempted if certificates of exemption are on file.

Freight :

  1. Please inspect all merchandise and report all missing and damage goods to the freight company representative or driver immediately before signing for it. Please contact us within 7 days after merchandise is received to report the missing / damage goods. We will help you as much as we can to resolve the problem. However, it is not our responsibility to replace or replenish the shipments at the fault of freight company.
  2. In the event of any damages and/or missing merchandise, customer is expected to follow through on the claiming process.  We will try to help as much as possible.  Central Tent is not responsible for any replacement cost including replacement freight. 
  3. All prices do not include shipping to the final destination. Central Tent has several ways to ship your shipment. Please state your timing requirement. We will route the shipment so it will be both economical and deliver on time.
  4. We do not guarantee merchandise if it does not arrive on time. Consult with us if you need to guarantee the freight.
  5. All shipping cost, including COD fee, will be added to the price unless agreed in advanced. We reserve the right to choose not to pay the freight bill in advance. However, if Central Tent paid the bill in advance we will collect the freight according to the freight bill plus applicable handling fee. Handling fee will be charged if freight is not contracted to Central Tent.
  6. Unless agreed in advanced, all shipment will be ship from our warehouse in Santa Clarita, California, 91350.
  7. We assumed that you will have access to forklift, material handling equipments, and other unloading equipments to unload commercial materials.  Please contact us in advance if you need your shipments to be packed certain ways. 
  8. When we quote your freight, you are quoted the minimum packing contract.  This implies that your shipment will endure certain shipping marks as well as other normal circumstances which freight handler will move the materials.  This include but not limited to: minimum scratch marks, torn packing materials, pallet and packing materials rub against other freight, and other normal freight circumstances.  If you do not wish your freight to be packed certain ways, please inform your sales prior to ordering.

Packing List policy:

  1. Since most of our customers need the product by specific time,we suggest that customer track their shipment. We can sent the packing list documents to you via e-mail or fax. The packing list will NOT be included in the shipment. The packing list and bill of lading will be available one business day after it is shipped.
  2. If you required the packing list prior or accompanying the shipment, please notify us in advance. This option will delay your shipment.

Returns and Warranty :

  1. All returns need to be authorized in advance. We will not accept unauthorized returns. 
  2. 15% charge will occur if return was not our fault.  Custom order can not be returned.
  3. If merchandise is agreed to be return, please prepay the freight. We can not accept freight collect at our warehouse. Merchandise will be refuse if freight is collect.
  4. Please contact us for return or refund within 15 days after it was shipped. We will assume merchandise is acceptable if you do not contact us within 15 days.
  5. Our commercial merchandise do not have any warranty. Because tent setup require site planning and evaluation, we will not guarantee against any tent failures.  We also do not guarantee against any tears during shipments.  We do inspect our merchandise carefully and it is your responsibility to check when you received the freight that the shipment arrived in good conditions.  We will help our customer as much as we could in getting any resolution on damage and missing shipments.

Internet use / Privacy:

  1. We reserve the right to cancel and void any orders deem necessary.
  2. We will not guarantee any pricing and accuracy of the merchandise listed.  If there are any descrepencies, we will notify you.  Since the site is for informational purpose, we will not guarantee any electronic acceptance either by approval or acceptance.


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