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About our Standard Frame Tent:

* About Standard Frame Tent
* About Double Tube Frame Tent
* About Tension Style Frame Tent
* About Quick Peak Frame Tent

About Standard Frame Tent:

Standard Frame Tents are primarily used in the commercial rental and event
industries. The size of the tent ranges from 10x10 to 40x200. These durable
tents can last longer, pass fire retardant requirements, and provide shelter
on a larger scale.

Can withstand wind load up to 50 MPH, with proper setup (staking and tie-downs).
Most parts are interchangeable with other sizes and systems. This will reduce inventory thus lowering cost.
Versatile system—The tent system can be set up according to customer’s needs with minimal parts and configurations.
Heavy duty and interchangeable parts—Poles fit inside of fittings for smaller tents and fit outside for larger tents. Double Tube poles can also be used to strengthen the frame.
Tent tops can be made to be expandable in length. For example, 20x20 can be modified to make a 20x30, 20x40 and so on.
Leg size can be adjusted to accommodate the customer’s needs and to use expandable base plates.
Most tents will have sidewall ropes sewn to the tent to hang for sidewall additions.
There are many accessories available as standard fittings. Special accessories can be ordered and manufactured easily.


About Double Tube Frame Tent

About Tension Style Frame Tent

The Tension Style frame tent is easy to install. The top has an arch contour
valance so that the fabric can be pulled tight at the leg point. It has no strapping
buckles except in the mid center to help prevent rain pockets from forming.
D-tube frame can also be used to replace the 2 in. frame shown.

Below are some features of the tension style frame tent:


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