Tent Graphic / Decal Information

Here are Four Types of Graphics:

GraphicsComparison A

GraphicsComparison B

Tent Decal information:

  1. Full size decal are available in-house.  The graphics may have seam lines when matching up edges.  Please indicate how we should line up the seams on your graphics, otherwise we will choose the best possible match.
  2. Graphics/ Decal will fade over time especially outdoors.  Our outdoor materials are rated about 4 years.
  3. Most Decals are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.  Once decals are placed, tents can not be returned or refunded.
  4. We will not match any colors to your specifications.  Colors will be matched as close as possible, however we are printing service only.  If you want to use professional color profiles, please do so, otherwise your color printout may have a slight variation on the printed fabric.  If you have specific color profiles in mind, please tell us, we will input those profiles in our printer.  We can not guarantee color matching.
  5. We work with vector graphics to cut our decals. Converting charges may be applied to change files to this format.
  6. Electronic file images must be in the highest possible resolution.  Once the graphic is printed to size  the graphic may not reproduce as sharp an image in the larger size.  Please ask us if you have any questions about this.
  7. Decals are adhesive back vinyl that must be applied to a clean surfaces only.  Tents need to be cleaned for the adhesive to have a good bond.
  8. We will help match your materials as closely as possible, however, we can not guarantee any font, color matching, and likeness of the providedvgraphics.
  9. Decals tend to come off on edges - especially when tents are folded.  When you receive your tent, please wipe the decal with a dry cloth applying  pressure to make sure the decal stays stuck to the material.  Layout and flatten or put up the tent for couple of days.  The adhesive backing needs time to seal to the tent surface.

Available Decal Services:

  1. Decal Design on complex shapes and sizes
  2. Removable Decals
  3. Larger Decals
  4. Full Color Decal printing
  5. Contour Cut Decals
  6. Floor Graphics Decals
  7. Vector Tracing for Contour Cuts
  8. Backdrops
  9. Poster printing

Please <<< Click here to go to tentdecal.com for additional information about tent decals >>>




Large Tent Graphics Notice:


Things to think about before quoting for printing large tent graphics:

  1. Tent fabric is Vinyl.  This material will only can print through large format solvent (outdoor ink) printer. 
  2. We have two process to apply on the graphics – Direct digital and Decal.   Most graphics on white tent are directly digital print while Decals are printed on adhesive materials and apply on to mostly colored tents.
  3. If customer request “Full Printing” directly on to the top of the tent.  We will have to assume that the tent will be printed with 100% ink coverage.  This method will takes time and drive up cost significantly.  Also, the disadvantage of this method is that the tent life will not be desirable.  For example, if red color is printed on top of tent fabric, the color will last only about 4-10 days in the sun vs. about 2-3 years for standard tent fabric.  Therefore, this method is NOT recommended.
  4. The best way we will need to quote you price is to get a logo from you or your customer, then we will mockup the tent (free of charge) and quoted.  We do have competitive rates and fast turnaround on mockup.  We do not have a policy to pursue your customer and privacy is respected.


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