Refurbished Disclosure

Refurbished item disclosure:

  • Refurbished item is where there are slight defect and flaws that noticeable that can not be sold as new.  However, it is reopened, repaired and inpected again. The example are:
    • The tents have holes and patched. 
    •  The tent was used once.  It might have some hand prints and dragged marks.
    • The sized of the tent was odd but can be used with limitations.
  • Since most of the refurbished tent has been in storage in a while, there will be noticeable wrinkle associated with the tent.  The wrinkle will worn off after put up in about a day or two.
  • Refurbished item can not be returned. 
  • Some items will not be available for repeated purchased or as a stocked items.

If there are any questions, please call.  We will gladly explain limitation of intended use.

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